What are the Best 10 Tips on Choosing the Best Assisted Living Service

Senior citizens generally hesitate when they have to make a shift to an assisted living facility from their own home, especially if they feel that the facility does not fit their choice or lifestyle in a proper way. They can live well in a superior facility, and go on living independently, but their overall well being might get affected in a wrong one. Here are 10 tips on picking the best assisted living service.

  1. Know about the accreditation

You should talk to the director or administrator of the property, and find out whether the facility is actually accredited. It is wise to conduct some research online, and check the website of the facility. Also check renowned websites that are known to offer honest and unbiased reviews.

  • Observe the interaction of staffs with residents

Find out whether the caregivers look attentive, and know residents by name. Check whether they behave in a friendly or polite way, or simply professionally. You have to feel comfortable, secure and safe in the facility.

  • Check the number of staffs

Look at the number of personnel, and determine whether the facility is short on manpower. If there are not enough staff members in the place, you cannot expect prompt care – which is essential in case of medical emergencies. Find out whether staff performance is evaluated.

  • Look at the hygiene factor

An assisted living facility for seniors should not just be safe and comfortable, but clean and hygienic as well. During a visit to the site, find out whether there are enough personnel to ensure the upkeep and cleanliness of the area.

  • Check the infrastructure

During a visit to the site, determine whether there are clean bathrooms and whether the living quarters have 24/7 electricity, heating and cooling system, communication facilities for easy interaction between residents and staffs etc. Find out who to contact for emergency protocols, medical care and other concerns. 

  • Know about the nutrition services

The facility needs to be capable of dealing with the nutritional requirements of the residents, and the foods that they need. You would like to face no delays when you have to eat, or any compromise in meeting your dietary requirements.

  • Survey the safety features

Find out whether there are any safety hazards, such as uneven carpeting or gaps in floors etc. Check whether grab bars have been set up in the bathrooms, and there are fire sprinklers and emergency call buttons placed strategically in the rooms.

  • Know about the activities

Even after you make a transition to an assisted living community, you would like to take part in social activities that would let you have some recreation and enjoy the companionship of other residents.

  • Find out about the visiting schedules

The visiting schedules should be long enough, as you would like to spend some time with your loved ones and not miss out on updates on how life is like outside.

  1. Know the personnel to contact

Know who is in charge of cooking, cleanliness etc, as you are likely to contact them every now and then.